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Becoming happier in a year of devastation and anxiety

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I was rather proud of how well I held up in 2020 despite everything thrown my way. The loss of my job was a silver lining. Family illnesses taught me the importance of the present. Staying home allowed me to grow my business.

Yet, we entered into autumn and changed our clocks. More darkness, cooler weather, and the imminent “how do we celebrate the holidays this year?” settled into my anxiety-prone brain.

I about lost it.

Something needed to change because I was right on track for burnout and an anxiety attack. …

Solopreneur | Podcast Manager | Cat Mom

Author pictured with her muted calico cat, Mia
Author pictured with her muted calico cat, Mia
Photo by Author — 2020


Hi there! I’m Kristi Jacobsen — a solopreneur, podcast manager, traveler, Canadian, equestrian, and cat mom. I’m also currently a Senior Customer Service Manager, but I’ll be breaking free from the customer service life in March 2021 to become a content creator and podcast consultant.

I’m a 34-year old Los Angeles resident with a passion for travel and a desire to become a digital nomad (when it’s safe, of course). My family and I moved to the United States in 1994 and I grew up in New Jersey. …

A subtle shift can make all the difference

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I used to scoff at the articles suggesting I get up at 5 am to start writing or working on my side-hustle.

As a night-owl, my creativity and drive come to me at night. My mind is a mess of cobwebs in the morning, and I’m never fully awake until mid-morning and four cups of coffee later.

Getting up in the morning for work was always a struggle. I pulled myself out of bed at the last minute, threw on jeans and a t-shirt (we’re a casual company), and drove my 5-minute commute to the office.

When Los Angeles implemented lockdown, and my company went into work from home mode, my morning routine went out the door. For the first several months, I rolled out of bed at 7:45 am and was at my desk 5 feet away by 8 am. …

How Dick Wolf’s One Chicago tackled 2020 headlines in their season premieres.

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*Caution! There may be spoilers!*

It’s that time of year again. Our favorite shows are back on our television screens. In a year where spring seasons were cut short due to filming shutdowns and a long summer finding other entertainment, a return to our regularly scheduled fall programming is welcome.

I eagerly awaited Dick Wolf’s One Chicago shows (Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD). They’re the only shows I follow regularly, and they’re an escape into another world. Eager for them to return, I didn’t stop to consider how the new storylines might play out.

These three shows and Wolf’s other shows Law & Order: SVU and FBI, are well known to rip stories straight from the headlines. And in a year that brought us a global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, calls for police reform, and a contentious Presidential Election, nothing is off the table. I can guarantee some, if not all, of the 2020 headlines will reflect on the shows. …

Start with your industry connections

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You outlined the format of your podcast and decided to host guest experts.

Great! Except how do you find guests that align with your podcast mission and content and provide value to your audience?

Finding guests can be hard at the beginning of a podcast; I won’t lie. It’s especially tricky if you don’t have an extensive network to draw from. But as the podcast grows and you begin to network and connect with people, you might find yourself drowning in guest submissions.

It’s a good problem to have — I promise!

Since the beginning of 2020, sourcing guests has been easy thanks to some amazing guests with connections. But it wasn’t always that way. I was just like you, wondering how the heck to find guests aligned with my mission and could bring their unique perspective to the table. …

5 tips to disconnect and re-energize yourself on the daily

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Whether you live in America or elsewhere globally, I’m sure you’re experiencing fatigue from the 2020 US Presidential Election. Combined with fatigue from the global pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and being unable to travel and spend time with family, our mental health is, at best, precarious.

Unlike elections in other countries (Canada’s is typically less than two months from start to finish), the US Presidential campaigns begin over a year before election day.

By the time we reach November, we’re close to, if not already, burned out. …

The Kawakami novel challenged everything I thought about my future and motherhood

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The thrilling part about joining a book club is reading books you usually wouldn’t pick up.

This year, I read books from around the world — books from authors of color, other ethnicities, and who experienced true pain and struggle.

In these books, I learned about other cultures and religions, how immigrants and people of color face a system in America built for white Americans.

So when the next book announced was Mieko Kawakami’s Breasts and Eggs, I was eager to dive right in and learn about women and their experiences in Japan.

Who is Mieko Kawakami?

Mieko Kawakami is a Japanese singer and writer from Osaka, Japan. She recorded music in her early years, and her written work earned her several awards and critical acclaim. Breast and Eggs won Japan’s highest literary honor, the Akutagawa Prize. …

Submission guide for DIY Podcasts

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What is DIY Podcasts?

DIY Podcasts is a new medium publication that focuses on independent and DIY podcasting.

The aim of DIY Podcasts is to help new and current hobby or part-time podcasters plan, launch, and produce their own podcast. We’ll focus on articles that share tips and tricks for starting, producing, and eventually monetizing a podcast.

What do we publish?

We publish articles on podcasting from an independent and DIY perspective. Articles should be helpful, provide actionable advice, and be positive and inclusive.

We look for articles with clear takeaways for the reader that can help them plan, launch, produce, and monetize their own podcast.

Submission guidelines:

Here are some guidelines to make sure your story is the best fit for this…

Seeking intentional living after four years of chaos

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Four years ago, I swore I would leave America if Donald Trump became president.

I didn’t keep that promise.

At the time, I was in the middle of a graduate program intent on growing my music industry career and hoped he would exhibit control, restraint, and perhaps do some good for the country.

Yet, here we are, four years later, and I find myself making the same promise. After witnessing four years of pure chaos, the dismantling of every good thing that came out of the Obama administration, and rampant narcissism from a supposed leader, I’ve had enough.

I started considering my options a few months ago, but an article on LEVEL last week about the five countries to move to if Trump wins the election spurred even more thought. …

Podcasting helped me overcome social anxiety to build a career

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I am an introvert, through and through. I prefer my own company, relish in silence for deep thinking, and recharge in isolation.

Social settings caused crushing anxiety, imposter syndrome ruled my days, and I’m not fond of networking.

So when I decided to host a podcast with guests, I surprised even myself.

How in the world could I chat with a stranger for 45 minutes to an hour without having a panic attack? Talking to strangers and making a fool of myself is my biggest nightmare, but I knew to grow in my career, I had to step in some direction. …

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